Spa Inc. Detoxifying Water Dispersible Massage oil 1 Litre (1000g)

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Spa Inc. Detoxifying Water Dispersible Massage oil 1 Litre (1000g)

Spa Inc. products are created using the finest ingredients and are appropriate for all skin types making them versatile for spa and salon use.

The Water-Dispersible massage oils will come out easily with a warm water wash, keeping your towels fresher for longer, and rinse easily &  leaving no sticky after-feel.

Gently scented with a blend of functional Pure Essential Oils, this massage oil enables you to effortlessly deliver a full-body detoxifying massage.

For maximum benefit, after massage, wipe or rinse away excess oil, leaving yourself with purified and hydrated skin, and an uplifted and refreshed state of mind. You will love it. And your towels will love it too.  Suits all skin types (including sensitive).

Water-Dispersible Detoxifying

  • Ready to use treatment oil. allows you to effortlessly deliver a detoxifying full-body massage
  • Gently scented with a functional Aromatherapeutic blend of pure essential oils
  • To prolong the benefits and allow the essential oils to continue toning the skin, use a dry towel to gently remove excess oil, rather than a damp cloth, to finish the massage

Water-Disperisble Massage Oil with Pure Essential Oils

Grapefruit Pink, Rosemary, Juniperberry, Geranium, Sweet Fennel, Carrot Seed

This is our pick for improving Skin Tone and Circulation and Athelete's recovery.

 1L bottle includes pump.

Product Specifications
Origin Made In Australia
Weight 1000g

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