Home Doctor Room Mist with Odouraze

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Home Doctor Room Mist with Odouraze

Home Doctor contains Odouraze's 'malodour control technology', which features active ingredients that interact with malodourous molecules to destroy unpleasant smells, rather than just masking them.

Malodours are associated with pets, tobacco, kitchens, laundry and in bathrooms, so we have developed a fragrance to combat unpleasant smells in all areas of the home. Highly effective, Home Doctor is available in a variety of products from tealights to room mists.

Our Home Doctor fragrance is a combination of soft sweet berry fruits, with top notes of raspberry, blackberry and apple, mid notes of gooseberry and currents with a sweet, creamy vanilla base.

Designed with the right amount of 'puff'; with every spray you can be sure of an even release of Home Doctor fragrance that will reach all the right places.

Bottle contains 100ml of liquid.

Dimensions: Approx 4.3cm x 4.3cm x 15.5cm

Product Specifications
Origin Made in the UK
Weight 230g

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