Lavender Pot Pourri (Fabric Organza Bag) 40g

Brand: Scent Moments
Product Code: PP007
Availability: Pre-Order

Lavender Pot Pourri (natural botanicals)

There are many uses for pot pourri some of which is to fragrance your home or to be placed in a nicely shaped  bowl or vase to be used as a decoration in any room of your home or office. An ideal gift too. Pot Pourri can also be used in craft projects; like this organza bags.


Fragrance will last up to 6 months if not placed in direct sunlight. Please note that item must not be placed directly on clothing, fabric or finished surfaces.

This bag is a mix of botanicals fragranced with Lavender fragrance.You can use the fragrant oil/refresher oil to re-fragrance the pot pourri.

Product Specifications
Origin Made in Australia
Weight 40g

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