Garden Breeze Blend-Essential Oil Blend 25 ml

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Garden Breeze Blend-Essential Oil Blend 25 ml

Each blend has been created with a combination of premium quality Certified Organic and/or Conventional 100% Pure Essential oils. It is complex and offers a harmonious symphony of top, middle and base notes to create a complete perfumistic experience. They are ready to use in a variety of product applications ranging from the vaporiser, luxury spa or massage treatments, to personal care as well as cleaning products.

Ingredients: Grapefruit Pink, Bergamot*, Geranium, Lemon, Rosemary CT Cineole*, Peppermint Yakima (*Denotes Certified Organic)

Description: Inspired by a typical Mediterranean garden. Fresh and summery, this blend is great for a hand or body wash or as a vaporised aroma to revive the home.

Family: Citrus
Mood: Uplifting
Uplifting Mood Blends - are blends that will make you feel happy, energised and up. They will elevate your mood and your spirits, brightening your day and your environment.

Applications: Vaporiser, Haircare, Cream,lotion & Body Butter, Handwash, House hold cleaning


Product Specifications
Origin Made In Australia
Weight 25 ml
Mode of Administration Vaporiser, Haircare, Cream,lotion & Body Butter, Hand wash, House hold cleaning

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