Lothantique Les Savons De Marseille Olive Soap Bar -100g *New*

Brand: Lothantique
Product Code: SB009
Availability: 2 - 3 Days

Lothantique Les Savons De Marseille Olive Soap -100g *New* Made in France

In addition to its traditional virtues, the Marseille soap of Lothantique is a subtle blend of olive oil from High Provence and shea butter.  The unique combination of beneficial ingredients for the skin gives all its richness to this soap.

Palm oil and shea butter-based for rich moisturizing while gently cleaning, lightly scented, and triple milled in the tradition of Savons de Marseille, which makes for long lasting soaps. For whole family, daily use.

Composition: No parabens, no BHT
Cellophane wrapped
Finished product not tested on animals

Product Specifications
Origin Made in France
Weight 100g
Specifications Vegetable soap paste made of palm oils - Naturally rich in glycerine - Enriched in olive oil of High Provence and shea butter - 2% perfumed - Colored · Properties - Cleanses gently and naturally - Leaves skin soft and delicately

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