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If genuine, scented products with organic oils are what you seek, look no further. We are a Singapore-based company with a range that is perfect for home and individual use. Unlike mass-market products, our range of face/body products are free of harmful chemicals and parabens, which means you can go ahead and pamper yourself and indulge your senses without any fears. To top it all off our scented range has been given the stamp of approval by customers worldwide, which just goes to show what an important part quality plays.


In order to create a perfect atmosphere at home, the right kind of home fragrance can go a long way. This is exactly why Scent Moments stands out. We source out and find out about high-quality products, which you can enjoy and at the same time benefit from. Products of desirable quality from countries like the USA, UK, Australia and Spain are imported and distributed by us. Careful consideration is also given to the ecological nature of the products, as they are reusable and recyclable. The variety of fragranced products such as candles, sachets, soaps, refresher oils, and face and body products will leave you spoilt for choice. You are sure to adore these products as they incorporate natural essences in a way that will leave you contented and at ease. Whether you are celebrating with family or friends or just having a quiet moment to yourself, these goodies will add to your sense of tranquillity, and make you appreciate the beauty of the occasion.


These high-quality products include fragranced sachets, scented candles in jars, scented tea lights and soaps, face and body care, room mists, potpourri, 100% pure essential oils, room diffusers and even home fragrance accessories. Celebrate the power of Nature with this range.