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Buy selected Scent Moments products on Lazada.sg  Economy Delivery is Free for shipping within Singapore. We have a good collection of scented candles by Circa Home and Glasshouse Fragrances, Made in Australia.

If you are interested in other products on our own website, please email us at info@scentmoments.com or contact us on WhatsApp: +65 97572834.

*We will be introducing more products in the coming months*

Year-End Sales!  Many of our best sellers are running out of stock! New stocks & new home fragrances are arriving in early november.

Free Shipping*  For Order 5 of any Lothantique soap bar 100g (Roses/Olive/Vanilla).

Free Shipping*  Pick 3 any order of Fresh Scents Scented Sachets (USA). Get your favorite scents!  Delivery via Singpost local standard regular mail.

Christmas Savings! Now is the time to save by stocking up on all your favorite scents & products. Enjoy 10% off your purchase of $200 or more. Email us the items that you would like to order now  and we would confirm your order via email. Hurry....While supplies last. Email: order@scentmoments.com

Get a Free Fresh Scents Scented Sachet (Made in the USA) with your purchase of SGD150 or more! Offer valid October 01-31, 2015.

Lovely Pot Pourri into your home! From the fresh to the fruity, zesty to the spicy, Scent Moments' Pot Pourri fragrances have something to offer all preferences!

Exciting New Products For March 2015!  If you needed more of a reason to treat your family or friend to a candle, we have now got the "Timeless Collection" candle to cover occasions like "Happy Birthday", "Thank You", "Home Sweet Home". Candle is made in the UK, it is a unique fragrance experience creation to be the perfect escape from today's frantic lifestyle.  Products will be available from March 17 onwards, with special introductory price!

Free Fresh Scents Scented Sachet worth $6.90 for selected items of Glasshouse Fragrances & Circa Home scented candles during the month of Feb 2015 (while stocks last.) Choice of scent is subject to availability.

New Selections (2015) of Essential Oils:  Buckley & Phillips are one of Australia's most reputable suppliers of essential oils, with the Gumleaf Essentials range having been in production since the late 1970's. These aromatherapy-grade essential oils are the finest quality available and have been stringently tested and certified as 100% pure & natural.

Choose from our online store for pure essential oils sourced from the finest harvests around the world. Perfect for use in massage, oil burners, baths & aromatherapy.

Special prices range from $15.40 - $21.30.

New Arrivals for the Christmas Season: Due to popular demand, we are bringing back our most popular and requested fragrances scent choices of Circa Home and Glasshouse Fragrances. Price range from $49.90- $66.

Christmas Scented Candles: We've good choices of  Christmas scents to create unique candles that will make the holidays even more memorable. Special packaging are designed for this beautiful Christmas season. Shop these scented candles online: "This the season", "Under The Tree"," Bless our home with hopes and dreams". What's more? Our all time best sellers scented sachets: "Red Door Wreath" & "Cranberry Spice".

New Arrivals : a new range of scented products (candles, massage oils etc.) from France. Candles Wax are certified GMO free, without mineral materials. 100% Vegetable wax-soy, rice, palm, repeseed. Our best sellers are Lavender and Lemongrass scented candles.

Beautiful September- new products from Canada, England, Australia!  Check out our exciting high-quality products on Scented Candles,100% Pure Beeswax Lavender Essential Oil Candles Tin & Beeswax Tealight.

Experiece The New Glasshouse Fragrances in August!

Free Shipping for every purchase of our top picks new scented candles- Check out Glasshouse Fragrances- scent choices are Floral/Fruity/Oriental.

Promo ends on 30 November 2014.


New Arrivals in August ...

We will be introducing new home fragrances range of products (scented candles, refresher oils, etc.) and organic skin cares in August.

All new products are entitled to 10% discount. Watch out for it...


Free Lavender Pot Pourri 40g  (Natural Botanicals imported from Australia)

The fragranced lavender pot pourri worth $4.80, nicely packed in a fabric organza bag belongs to you when you purchase any product under the range of Pot Pourri.

While stocks last. This creates a wonderful aromatic atmosphere on your desktop, or in your closet, store room, bathroom, car, corners etc.


Father's Day Offer!

Free Gift Wrapping, Free Gift Card, Free Delivery & Free Fresh Scent Scented Sachets* valued at $6.90 for order above $100 from now till 15 June 2014. * Fragrance may vary. Scented sachet is perfect for cupboards, bathrooms, the car, or even a gym bag, they will keep the space fresh and perfumed.


April 2014- New Product Offer!

20% discount on all "Lothantique" Reed Diffusers & Refills.  High-quality room diffusers imported (made) from France. Choose your favourite fragrance at our store.


Free Gift Card!


Have a personal message for the lovely gifts that you have choosen for your friend? We are happy to be part of your kind thoughts & let us do this free for you!


Free Gift Box!

For purchases S$150 & above, each customer will receive one(1) high quality nicely designed Gift Box!