Fragranced Candles

Fragranced Candles

Let's make "Earth Day's Event" continues to be a good practise. A night event can be just turning off all non-essential lights occasionally. Then, you can have a candle lit dinner, family/friends gatherings, watch movie, in your quite moments etc.


Our Top Picks Scented Candles are carefully designed and skillfully crafted in Australia, the US, and the UK from best-quality ingredients that make for a pleasurable experience. Non-toxic wax and lead-free cotton wicks have been used to make them, so you can go ahead and enjoy the benefits of your sense of smell! Whatever your unique taste and passion, our candles selection (fragrances of fruity, floral, oriental and woody) will have a scent you’ll love.


So, wondering about where to buy scented candles in Singapore? Look no further - these chic candles are beautiful scented and add that final touch of sophistication to your interiors. With this understated luxury you can go ahead and complete your spa ritual in the comfort of your home, let your hair down, and add more romance to your life. With the added ease of being able to purchase scented candles online, you can go ahead and experience multiple aromatic moments!

Remember to re-use your candle jar with a tea light for a beautiful ambient effect.


Usage of Aromatherapy Candles, please read our Blog- How to burn candle safely? (Candle Safety Guide.)


A gorgeous Christmas gift card is complimentary with all purchases made in november to december period.

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