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Multi-tasking Cleanser Infusing Serum and Moisturizer

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What it can help for solving your skin concerns?

Wrinkles/Darkspots/Dull Skin/Loss of Firmness/Pores

Karing Kiring -Moisturizer Cleansing Gel Episode 3 brings you many benefits:

Moisturizing-Brightening-Even Skintone-Anti-inflammatory-Exfoliating

Do you sense withered after face wash? Karing Kiring-Moisturizer Cleansing Gel Episode 3 acheived new feature, cleansing with moisturizer. Cocktail moisturizer permeates moisture into the skin during face wash. Due to this speical Hydrogel is capable of holding humidity, the skin retains moisture after washing. Comparing the skin before face wash, you would recognize much moisturized skin after washing with Karing Kiring. This great first experience is Forte of this Moisturizer Cleansing GEL.

More washing, More moisturizing !



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