The perfect oil to suit every style of massage

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Introduce SPA INC. massage oils to your salon/home today!

Matching massage to suit your personal needs is an art form.  Texture, viscosity, slip and aroma are equally important. The SPA INC range offers a varity of oils to suite very application.

Understanding our customers' requirements and meeting their expectations on massage oils, we offer two products: "Water- Dispersible Relaxing" & "Water-Dispersible Detoxifying".

Why "Water-Dispersible"? 

Many massage therapists struggle to keep their towels fresh and oil-free after regular use. The SPA INC. Water Dispersible Massage Oil range is the Practioner's choice of oils as it washes out easily, leaving no unpleasant colours or oil residues, helping to prolong the life of your towels, as well as enhancing your enjoyment.

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