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Spending Christmas with Buckley & Phillips Aromatics range

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Our mission is to source for good high-quality products that bring delightful scents to your home, office, retail space or at staycation or on vacation with your family or friends.

This December,  we've topped up a little bit with our imported Buckley & Phillips Aromatics range (Made in Australia): Aromatherapy Candles, Essential Room Sprays, Essential Scent Cake, Essential Moisturizing Lotion, Hand and Body Wash  - all these products contain essential oils.

About Buckley & Philips Aromatics

Buckley & Phillips Aromatics is an Australian company based in Victoria's Yarra Valley, hand-crafting fine candles and home fragrance products. Beginning as a small family venture in 1972 producing candles, Buckley & Phillips has developed and grown over the years with a passion for fragrance & aromatherapy.
Our philosophy is simple: use the finest quality ingredients to produce beautiful and inspiring product. Love. Share. Enlighten. Illuminate.


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