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Scent & Sensibility

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Our products are featured in the May Issue of Wedding & Lifestyle Magazine-it is also available in the Apple app store, Google Play Store and Magster.

A well-written ariticle "Scent & Sensibility" by Lim May Ling tells you what are the essentials of home fragrance when decorating your home and your life with aromatherapy essential oils and fragrance.

Look for a seller with the ability to provide sound information and advice to ensure your money is well-spent.

Source of article : Wedding & Lifestyle Magazine May Issue 2015

Home fragrances come in all scents, shapes, sizes and accessories imaginable, and choosing the right one for your interior may seem daunting. But fret not, we have
sniffed out the essentials for anyone who wants to be a home fragrance connoisseur.

There are four scent groups: floral, oriental, woody and citrus. Floral scents can be delightful and feminine, but it's best to avoid heady florals inside your home. Oriental scents are usually spice-based such as basil and nutmeg. Woody scents such as cypress or citrus scents such as grapefruit can be refreshing and uplifting, making them ideal for bathrooms or kitchens.

Know your space. Linen mists or room sprays can liven up your bedroom after a spring clean while burning aromatherapy oils at night helps with relaxation
before bedtime. Small fragrance sachets are suitable for small spaces such as your laundry room, cupboard or socks drawer.

Looks as good as it smells. Home fragrances in their various forms - candles, diffusers and burners,- appeal to the sense of smell as well as sight. Colour-coordinate your,home fragrances with existing soft furnishings or make a coffee table,stand out with dramatic candle holders and diffusers. Clustering candle pillars with varying heights or colours can be as visually pleasing as - and more lasting than - a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Do your research. If you are buying home fragrances for their therapeutic effects such as to improve relaxation or concentration, you will be more interested to
know what your home fragrances are made of and where they come from. That said, there is as much information as there is misinformation on home fragrances on the internet; look for a seller with the ability to provide sound information and advice to ensure your money is wellspent.

Understand your scent preference. Whether synthetic or organically-derived, home fragrances can potentially cause allergies and side effects. Use this to guide you to your preferred scent groups and product types.



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