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Lothantique Home Decorations: Wellbeing for 3 generations!

Bring the aromas of France into your home, with Lothantique’s line of Scented Diffusers! Brilliantly fragranced, the Authentique Collection’s Scented Diffusers are an easy way to scent the home. Just place the reeds into the bottle and the fragrance travels up and diffuses into the air! Each bottle lasts approximately 3 – 4 months.

Products made in France, mostly in Provence! Our room diffusers' fragrance choices are White Tea, Rose, Lavender, Verbena, Lily (white flower) & Woody, subtly spiced with citrus zest.

More about Lothantique- The Lothantique's Little Story

Our story began in the 1920’s in the town of Chateauneuf Val St Donat, which lies at the foot of the lavender covered Lure Mountain. It was there that The Mouranchon Brothers Co, a distillery of aromatic plants, was born. Over time, through the vision and determination of Joséphine, the Mouranchon family’s leader and matriarch, the family business expanded from lavender essential oil to include the making of lavender sachets, soaps and Eaux de toilettes.

In 1987, Joséphine’s grandchildren, Dominique and Denis VOGADE re-launched the family business. Inspired by the work of Marcel Pagnol, especially his ability to bring to life the fragrance of a flower through words, they called their company Lothantique.

Like Joséphine, the Vogade’s vision, determination, and know-how led to success in Europe and in 1998 the company formed a subsidiary in the United States : Lothantique Inc.

Currently, Lothantique has 40 employees and has moved into its current premises in Peyruis. Enriched by its history, our company cherishes its philosophy of uniting tradition and modernism and applying the practices of Haute Provence to current advances in technology and skin care.

Lothantique products are formulated with environmental consciousness. By using recyclable packaging, tracking wastes and respecting nature, both plant and animal life, we contribute to a safer world in which we as human beings can be proud to live in !


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