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Top 5 Most Popular Fragrances for the Home

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Scent is believed to help stimulate mood changes and effectively create the right atmosphere.

Based our findings from our customers, blogs, home trend magazines, health and wellness magazines… we have compiled a list below is what have been able to deliberate the top 5 fragrances for the Home.

Lavender: it is extensively used for relaxation, anti-anxiety and for better sleep. Note: a blend of lavender and rosemary may help to induce calm and promote restful sleep.

Jasmine: Jasmine is a classic floral scent that has the ability to excite the senses and mind by its beauty. It provokes the enchanted state of relaxation and relieve nervousness.

Vanilla: Vanilla is a scent that is rarely disliked; always pleasant on the senses. Some people say that it lessens hunger pangs for sweet foods as well as create a romantic atmosphere.

White Tea: The mood lifting scent (spa-like) of white tea is clean, smells light & refreshing, has welcoming feel. This scent can suit any room, any person, and doesn't get in the way of reed diffusers or other air fresheners you may have around the home because of its light aroma. 

Lemongrass: Sharpen consciousness and eliminate mental exhaustion. It is becoming increasingly popular to mix it with eucalyptus, geranium to make a pleasant fresh citrus fragrance protecting you from the bug (Home Gardening).

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