A Sensory Journey By Jennifer Peace Rhind

A Sensory Journey By Jennifer Peace Rhind

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A Sensory Journey

Meditations on Scent for Wellbeing
Jennifer Peace Rhind

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Scent is often used to accompany meditation but is rarely the focus of it. This card set, which brings together ancient and contemporary understanding of the influence of aromatics on our wellbeing, is an introduction to meditating on scent and discovering the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of beginning your own sensory journey.

'A Sensory Journey' guides and informs scent meditations. By meditating on the fragrance itself, rather than using it as an adjunct to other meditation rituals (through burning incense or scented candles), fragrance can go beyond merely enhancing or modifying our moods and become a key means to personal and spiritual growth. These cards, and the accompanying booklet and sensory map, explore different fragrances and make the benefits of scent meditation accessible to all. Each of the 24 cards, which are arranged in botanical groupings, features a scent description, an image of the botanical source, and inspirational words about the scent's evocative influence to help guide meditation.

This unique and accessible card set is perfect for anyone interested in meditation, personal growth and the use of fragrance to enhance wellbeing.


Set of 24 cards and booklet.
Booklet: Introduction. The sensory journey. The cards and the scents. Using essential oils for meditation. Meditating on scent. Notes on the scents, and some meditations. Five seasonal meditations. Further reading. Recommended suppliers.

Product Specifications
Page 24 pages
Published Date December 2013
Publisher Singing Dragon UK
Specifications 6.5 x 5 x 0.9 inches

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