La Bonne Maison The Blanc White Tea *New* Scented Candle

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Lothantique La Bonne Maison The Blanc White Tea Scented Candle *New* 160g Made in France

LA BONNE MAISON (Made in France)  invites you to share the fragrances of Lothantique. With its rich palett of fine and varied fragrances, it offers sensations of real happiness and pure emotions. Its delicate and chic lines make this range a precious gift within the historical knowledge of Lothantique.

The White Tea Fragrance -The mood lifting scent (spa-like) of white tea is clean, smells light & refreshing, has welcoming feel, plus they cover up any pets smells or cooking aromas.

100% Cotton wick.

To create a unique and fragrant atmosphere in your home, the candle provides a slow and continuous diffusion...Remove lid before use. Trim the wick and centre it after each use. Do not burn for more than 2 hours at a time. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
100 % cotton wick.

Product Specifications
Origin Made In France
Weight 160g
Burn Time Approx. 40 hours
Ingredients Formula - Mineral wax - 8 % perfumed - 100 % cotton wick
Special Note White crystals can appear on wax without altering product quality and good burning.
Specifications Mineral-oil based candles consist of container type gel candles and free-standing clear wax candles.They burn cleanly, evenly, you can see straight through them with no bubbles, and can hold more fragrance than a paraffin candle, and burn significantly hotter than paraffin, resulting in virtually no soot or allergic reactions. Packaging - 240 ml glass coloured in grey - Adhesive front and back labels

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