Lothantique La Bonne Maison Room Diffuser (Mimosa in bloom) 200ml * New*

Brand: Lothantique
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Lothantique  La Bonne Maison Room Diffuser (Mimosa in bloom) 200ml Made in France

With its rich palett of fine and varied fragrances, it offers sensations of real happiness and pure emotions. Its delicate and chic lines makes this range a precious gift within the historical knowledge of Lothantique.

Place the sticks in the fragrance bottle, the rods take care of scented liquid by capillarity and pleasantly diffuse into the atmosphere.

Diffusion time + / - 3 months
Presented in a beautiful gift box containing a bottle glass diffuser and 8 natural rattan stems
Scents: Mimosa -  200 ml

Top notes: Mimosa

Heart notes: Mimosa

Base notes: Rose

This decorative accessory will delicately fragrance your house to create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Tip: Flip reeds weekly to maintain scent strength. To diffuse more fragrance, turn the sticks exposing the perfume soaked ends.

Product Specifications
Origin Made in France
Weight 200ml
Specifications Formula - 85 ° alcohol - 10 % perfumed - Non coloured Properties - Highly concentrated in perfume for a high quality diffusion - Continuous diffusion once open - Diffusion time : round 3 months

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