Scented Sachets

Scented Sachets

A delightful blend of fragrances and aromas created to bring a new sense of joy and beauty into your own private world.

Fresh Scents Scented Sachets are Made in USA. Available in 13 beautiful fragrances. Product contains essential oil.

These handy envelope-size scented sachets can be used to refresh your car, dressers, closets, bathrooms, trash cans, gym bags and so much more for few months. It has over 100 uses for the scented sachets. And we will provide a copy of "User Guide".

Fresh Scents Pet Sachets offer an easy, market-proven solution for combating unwanted pet odors, using natural, non-toxic fragrance oils to freshen the air

Bring the beautiful scents into your Home now. Let your home and/or office be filled with nice fragrances!

** Special price is available for bulk orders. Each box contains 18 units (per fragrance.) For enquiry/details, please email us at

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