Soap Box Medley

Brand: australianScent
Product Code: SB007
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australianScent Soap Box Medley- Cuppa Tea/Koala Bee/Mintie/Quite Frankly

A delightful medley of 4 different moisturizing, boxed soaps (Cuppa Tea/Koala Bee/Mintie/Quite Frankly) packaged and bowed in an elegant, silver gift box. All of our creamy soaps lather beautifully and make great face, body, hair and shaving soaps. Each gift box is selected from one of our gourmet soap varieties. so the next time you order, the selection may be a whole new surprise! Gift set includes: 4 x moisturizing soaps 2 x soap draining loofahs 1 x silver gift box with white and silver bow and to/from gift tag .

May be used on face, body and hair. Lathers beautifully so, excellent for shaving. Place soap on one of our free draining racks or loofahs between use to increase longevity

Ingredients :
Refer to the Product Description of cuppa tea, koala bee, mintie, quite frankly

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