Vanilla Bean Pot Pourri 150g with Fragrance Oil

Brand: Scent Moments
Product Code: PP012
Availability: 2 - 3 Days

Vanilla Bean Pot Pourri 150g with Fragrance Oil (Made in Australia)

One of the most powerful senses is the sense of smell. At Scent Moments we believe that fragrance has the power to create memories and provide a journey to a desired state of mine, from up-lifting to focused, seductive to restful.

There are many diverse uses for Scented Pot Pourri in the home, office and special events.

Vanilla is said to make you feel loved, nurtured, happy and warm.

Vanilla Fragrance Oil: The classic sweet indulgence of rich creamy vanilla bean ice cream


Product Specifications
Origin Made in Australia
Weight 150g

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